We require a 30-50% deposit before an order can be placed and is payable thru Bank Transfer/Remittance.  The remaining balance should be paid in Philipine monetary currency or cash upon delivery.

A full payment before delivery will also be highly appreciated.



Cash on Delivery payments are allowed within Metro Manila Only.  Please contact us at for further inquiries



We accept cheque payments but it should be dated and addressed to “BONNY FURNITURE”.  Cheque has to clear with the bank before delivery.


Standard Policy on balance payment when an item arrives with damage/defect and or different from order: (please see damages and defects defined)

1)    item in question should be returned (before delivery leaves the customer’s premise).  Customer has the option and right not to pay for the balance, but the amount of balance should just be equal to or not be higher than the amount of item in question.  

2)    In cases where item in question is impossible to be returned (e.g. assembled at customer’s premise and later found out that there is a lacking part etc.), requires customer to pay for at least 90% of the total amount of the balance.

3)    all unpaid balances should be paid after the claim has been settled and items in question has been replaced and returned to customer in good order and condition.

*The following unwanted scenarios listed are not meant to “discourage” our customers. But is more on giving them the idea on what options are available to them in cases of unforseen or unwanted scenarios.  As much as we want every transaction to go smoothly and go perfectly, there are just times in our daily activities that happen which we hope and pray will not =) .

*These guidelines are set to give our customers the idea and their options during these “unwanted” instances.  Rest assured that everytime we deliver a product to you, that will do it’s best to check the items before we deliver to you.