Delivery charges applies per each delivery and not per item and are not refundable.

We may also charge administrative bank charges depending on the circumstances of the order.

Delivery charges are subject for quotation. Please call or send us a order quotation with correct delivery address to check the delivery rate in your area.


Things to note about deliveries:

1.) Delivery time starts at 10am onwards.  During busy days, our delivery team might take late in the evening to arrive.

2.) Arrival time is not specified because priority depends on customer’s location and traffic condition.

3.) PLEASE INFORM US – if your BUILDING, OFFICE, APARTMENT and CONDOMINIUM prohibits delivery during certain hours, please inform us so we can schedule and time our delivery and to avoid incurring additional delivery charges.

4.) Other delivery fees which are incurred for delivering to customer’s address which was not included in the receipt shall be paid upon delivery.  Cases like Subdivision and Villages usually have entrance fees in which the  customer needs to pay upon delivery.

5.) Please make sure that someone will be accepting the delivered items.  If our delivery team arrives and there’s no one to receive the items, we will reschedule the delivery and will charge for another delivery fee.

6.) Due to hazardous weather condition, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule our deliveries.




1.) Pay the quoted downpayment.

2.) Call or Email us if you want the item to be pick-up ASSEMBLED or just Item in the box (Not-Assembled).

3.) Schedule your desired pick-up date and call us at least 1 hour before going to our shop to prepare your item.