We at BONNY FURNITURE make sure that the products we deliver are always in good order and condition. We require the recipient to inspect the product upon delivery. If upon delivery the recipient finds that the product has factory defects or is totally different from the product ordered, customer should immediately communicate with us for processing of replacement.

We reserve the right to limit or refuse to accept the return of merchandise at any time for reasons outside our policy.

Damage/Defect is defined as any significant imperfections that may impair the use of the furniture or product for which it was intended to.

 *    Natural characteristics of a material used and or workmanship finish differences, design styles are not considered damage or a defect. 

 The following specific examples are not considered defect or damage:

*     Natural wood will normally have wood grains and or “eye” marks which sometimes are evident on the wood.

*     A bended metal will naturally will have a wrinkled mark on the bended area.

*     Paint issue:  painted steel and or varnished wood or laminates sometimes will have unavoidable mark or tiny portion of imperfections natural to its characteristic and workmanship.  Such imperfections can be retouched by using paint and or paint markers.

*     Local workanship finish cannot be compared with other imported product finish.

Examples of damage and defect:

*     a crack on the wood (not resulting from misuse or improper care), a significant scratch or dent on the product that can’t be retouched and will impair the quality or use of the furniture.

*     defective mechanism, not resulting from misuse.

Handmade products will generally vary in color or texture. The appearance may vary in natural, stained or dyed wood surfaces; in painted wood or metal surfaces, particularly those applied by hand such as *antique* style finishes; and in furniture coverings which are often from different dye lots. Neither wood, leather, metal nor fabric products are suitable for outdoor use, unless expressly specified. Leather and fabric are subject to natural wear and may discolor, fade, tear, stain, stretch, wrinkle or shrink. Wood and metal may stain, scratch, chip or fade or darken.

The customer must exercise proper care to minimize any such damage.